“ERA HOTEL CAMBRIDGE” addresses the issue of refugees / immigrants in connection with the struggle of homeless workers vying
decent housing in cities around the world. The film is a hybrid of fiction and documentary where participating actors and real characters
an occupation in downtown São Paulo. The interaction between languages, different worlds and cultures transforms into a rich polyphony
narrative of tragicomic situations.

To adapt the building spaces for fiction scenarios the art director invited students and teachers of architecture
from Escola da Cidade to undertake the project. A team of 21 students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, under the guidance of
teachers Carla Caffé and Luis Felipe Abbud, sign the art direction of the film as the content of the second school semester in 2014.
This experience made it possible not only to extend education out of their traditional patterns of teaching as also extend
the dialogue between architecture and cinema.

The partnership sisters Caffé _Eliane, filmmaker and Carla, art director and professor at the Escola da Cidade has been instrumental in
ensure the tools necessary for this way of proceeding with the collective creation. Currently, both are completely focused
to consolidate the practice of thinking and produce a movie “polyphonic”, “dialogical” and that extends far beyond the recording sets.

Storyboard developed by the students